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Andrea Incontri


Andrea Incontri was born in Mantua in 1971. After attending art school, he moved to Milan, where he graduated in Architecture. During these formative years, he fostered a passion for the visual arts, graphic design, fashion and product design, all of which have remained cornerstones of his creative vision.

His initial professional partnerships were established at architecture practices, where he specialised in interior design. Together with these experiences, he began to write for a number of design journals. His curiosity and creative sensibility led him towards the world of fashion, where he expanded his understanding of fabrics and of the processes involved in tailoring. On numerous research trips, particularly to Japan, he studied forms of craftsmanship alongside the most sophisticated of contemporary technologies.

Incontri’s work ranges from the design of collections to the originating of concepts for special fashion projects. In the 2000s, he entered into design partnerships with a number of international luxury-sector brands, serving on occasion as creative director. In 2009, he set up his own eponymous brand.

For many years, Incontri has cultivated a passion for drawing and illustration. He takes continuous inspiration from his day-to-day life, especially from the observation of nameless objects and everyday people. He is fascinated by that apparent normality which is then revealed as being far from normal. He collects antiques, which for him evoke the interweaving of time. And he conducts research into stereotypes, taking as his cue an analysis of gestures and mimicry, which are the most eccentric and unique facets of the individual.

Women constitute the main focus of Incontri’s exploration of humankind, which – in his vision – is an interlacing of forms, colours and eccentric ornamentation. 2016 saw the arrival of the Tipe Umane (Human Types), an ongoing experiment into the female universe that is composed of unconventional, often playful and eclectic images. They are created as digital drawings and then subsequently come to life as prints on painstakingly hand-embroidered fabric.